Welcome to ICS Equipment Ltd.

ICS Equipment Ltd. is an equipment subcontractor specializing in seismic line clearing, right-of-way clearing & maintenance, and lease site mulching. During our 8+ years in business we have strived to meet and exceed all industry safety expectations while still focusing on creating high quality, high production seismic lines. Company owners Ian Colbeck and Chris Bobzener both have over a decade of experience in seismic, and a clear understanding on what is required on a project.

We strive to be ahead of the curve in terms of safety and environmental standards. We have a fully implemented company safety program (Enform COR), enforced environmental & spill prevention standards, and mandatory drug & alcohol testing. Our equipment exceeds all provincial guidelines for operator safety, fire protection, and spill prevention.

Recent Projects

  • 2007: Laprise 3D (LXL), HWW 3D (Destiny)
  • 2008: Trail 3D, Komes 3D, Boogie 3D (Destiny)
  • 2009-2010: Muskeg 3D Phase 1 & 2 (Destiny, Veritas)
  • 2011: Leismer 3D (Statoil), Devon Pike 3D (Devon/BP), Marlowe 3D (Arcis)
  • 2012: Devon Pike 3S (Devon/BP), Saleski 3D (Aguila/Laricina)
  • 2013: Meadow 3D (Command/Suncor), Black 3D (Summit/Husky)
  • 2014: Meadow 3D Phase II & Firebag 3D 2014 (Command/Suncor), BayTree & Cherpeta 3d (Seisline)